Engaging churches cross culturally is so important because we have to model the biblical precedence set by Jesus’ ministry. He was often observed bringing different classes or groups of people together. Even in the apostle Paul’s teachings referenced in Colossians 3:11 and Philippians 3:4-7, there is overwhelming evidence of cross-cultural engagement. It was obvious that no value should be placed on race, education, economic, social or positional standing outside of our Christ-given identities.

If we become truly united (One Body), we will produce organic growth through our endeavor to walk together magnanimously and demonstrate true distinctiveness to the world. Ephesians 4:16 models the success and growth we can attain as we assume our proper place in the body of Christ.

What would churches look like if resources were limitless and we had more things in common than just the love of Christ. In Acts 2:44, they shared material resources, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we shared opportunities and strategies to strengthen each other’s ministries. Imagine churches thriving in both affluent and lower income areas.

Partnership was a key pattern of New Testament ministry. Jesus sent out the seventy in groups of two and there was consistently a pattern of joining forces to have greater impact in a region or influence with a group of people. In an age where  competition is rampant, it is critical that our ministries follow the pattern set by Christ in order to be effective. Engaging cross culturally is about inclusion and unity which should inherently be our life’s banner as we endeavor to follow Christ and fulfill His ministry to the nations.

Rev Nuzzolo is leading a Share Light effort to impact a Turkish language

Rev. David Nuzzolo
Executive Assistant
New York Assemblies of God District