Our statement on racial justice: A Time to Grieve

At LEAD.NYC we grieve over every victim of the senseless and brutal violence that has plagued our culture. We have seen the choreography of evil in our streets and in the human heart that has caused these terrible tragedies. Our heart break over the depth of our own individual and societal sin.

We affirm the Imago Dei, image of God, in every person. We affirm that we, as the community of faith, must model the unity across racial lines that Jesus prayed for and died for.

We deepen our resolve to act as peacemakers and boldly foster unity in cities globally. We commit ourselves to an ethic of justice as a measurable expression of our love. We resolve to act in practical ways that reflect our resolve to love one another in the good news of the gospel. We resolve to never cease in prayer.

Our way forward:

  • Lament – we weep with those who weep in this time of great sorrow and agony
  • Listen – we commit to invest time in listening to understand the pain of others
  • Learn – we ask God to teach us what we need to know in this season
  • Lead – God, give us the strength and courage to respond prophetically and practically