MDNYC 2019

This year’s Movement Day NYC gathering was filled with tremendous charge and challenge. God’s heart for unity was captured and felt at every turn. Facilitator Mark Matlock kept the “MOVE” in Movement Day leading conversations that inspired collaboration. Times Square Church’s Pastor Carter Conlon and Redeemer’s Timothy Keller charged us to rethink unity outside of our church and/or organizational walls. Jennifer Jones Austin challenged the lines of faith and social justice, reminding us that we have the tools to leverage.

Featured comedian Michael Jr. brought on the laughs but not without imparting a fresh perspective on generosity as it relates to giving and receiving. A common thread seen throughout our 10 Zip Codes Project! Leaders like A.R. Bernard, Josh Crossman, Wanji Walcott, April Tam Smith, Bob Doll and countless more challenged us to give more, go deeper and move beyond our scope. Each message richer than the last! Thank you to those that joined us this year!

Next Steps

Executive Director Rev. Adam Durso described this year’s event as the “precipice”, a moment we will look back on years from now as we praise God for all he’s done in this city. Join us as we continue to move and effect change in communities through the gospel. Join the effort as we continue the work with the 10 Zip Codes Project.
10 Zip Codes Project

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Going Deeper

Follow the Leading in The City podcast for our newest series, “Going Deeper”, discussing the MDNYC 2019 topics in more depth with some of this year’s featured speakers. Segment hosted by LEAD.NYC’s Chief Strategist and COO of Pillar College, Rupert A. Hayles, Jr. Series available on iTunes and SoundCloud now!