Today, nations around the world are facing some of the most perplexing problems in human history without any clear solutions in sight. But rather than reacting negatively and being overwhelmed by these circumstances, believers are commanded to watch and pray (Matt. 46:21, Col. 4:2).  The earnest, heartfelt, united prayer of God’s people can bring spiritual healing and transformation to troubled nations (2 Chron. 7:14).

In response to God’s call to facilitate united prayer for the healing of troubled nations, IPMI has hosted several programs including, three monthly global prayer calls led by leaders from eleven countries. Over the years, we have been pleasantly surprised by the headlines of some of the major international news media carrying answers to our prayers.

When VOA News, for example, carried the headline on February 5, 2019: “Central African Republic, Rebel Groups Initial Peace Deal,” we immediately saw that as an answer to prayer. Through the leadership of one of IPMI’s Monthly Global Prayer Teleconference Facilitators Kenyan Christian leader, Peter Kegode, who facilitated prayer among Kenyan and Sudanese Christians for the ongoing conflict in Sudan, IPMI had partnered with the group to pray for peace in the Central African Republic.

As British intercessor, Denis Clark once said, “If the Lord will allow us an understanding of His will and enable us to engage in effective intercession, and if we pray the things through then we might very well read about it in the headlines in a day or two.”

Intelligent, earnest, and sustained united prayer is essential to unlocking God’s redemptive purposes for nations.

Dr. Gabbidon is inviting churches to impact an African language with Share Light.

Newton Gabbidon (Ph.D. Can)
President & CEO
Intercessory Prayer Ministry International (IPMI)
Brooklyn, NY