What’s Your Leadership Brand?

It seems like 100 years ago now, but it was actually only just last year when I was sitting in a team meeting, listening to an update our president was giving to the team. Read More

A Vision for Your Leadership

A few weeks ago, I attended The Global Leadership Summit. It’s an annual leadership conference hosted every August by the Global Leadership Network. I’ve attended every year since 2012. Now, before you think I’m super committed to my leadership development, you should know it’s my job toRead More

Leading – One Conversation at a Time  

I am the mother of three young adults—one Gen Zer and two Millennials. My young adults are each intelligent, strong-minded individuals with equally strong convictions. As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of conversations since the murder of George Floyd last month. Read More

Leading Well in a Crisis

Yes, another blog on leading in a crisis.  If you are at all like me, you have read or watched countless articles or webinars on leading in a crisis over the past 8 weeks. Believe me, it is not because we do not know how to lead in crisis. Read More